Chocolate Mayordomo is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in Oaxaca City. You can tell their chocolate is a favorite among the locals by looking at the lines outside their stores as many come to buy several pounds of their own chocolate concoction. Mayordomo is a family-owned business that has been making chocolate for more than 30 years. They employ around 300 people and have grown to the point where they have built a 7000 square feet plant outside of Oaxaca City to meet the rising demand of their chocolate.

They have several stores located around Oaxaca City, but their flagship store is considered to be on 20 de Noviembre Street. Here you can always smell fresh cacao beans being ground and the mixing of sugar, almonds, and cinnamon is always the norm in their chocolates. Vanilla can be added to create a different flavor and if you like a lot of cinnamon, you can request they add more cinnamon. That is the beauty of chocolate in Oaxaca is that your chocolate can be unique as your fingerprint.

And what better to produce great chocolate, than to have that chocolate be used to create mole. Mayordomo mole comes from a traditional artisan family recipe using only the finest and autentic ingredients. Their chocolate is made from a special grinding technique that extracts the chocolate liquor from the cacao beans. And most importantly, their mole and chocolate do not contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients. To experience Oaxaca, Mexico, you must start with chocolate and mole from Chocolate Mayordomo.