It all began as a journey to find out more about chocolate's origin and history and to demystify the power and magnetism it has throughout the world. Searching high and searching low, we found that the best place to begin this chocolate trail was in a city called Oaxaca "Wa-Hawk-A".

Oaxaca, known for its colorful food, people and deep tradition, was busting at the seams as people went about their ways with a saying painted across their faces of "don't worry, be happy." No skyscrapers or savvy technology could tempt these people to want more, for their way of life brought peace and tradition with even the simplest of means. Maybe it was because of the food they ate, the dearness of family, or maybe....just was chocolate. The chocolate trail led us to a cacao littered street permeated with the sweet smell of chocolate. Peeking inside one of the stores, we found grinding machines churning vigorously as cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, and almonds were added. It was a chocolate lover's paradise as one could purchase their own mixture of chocolate and spices! It was chocolate in its purest and finest form.

The chocolate trail led us back to America where life was speeding by every minute. Our desires to share our findings and adventures led to Chocolate de Oaxaca. Here we present products from one of the oldest and premier chocolate manufacturers in Oaxaca City - Chocolate Mayordomo. Using an artisan family recipe for their mole and a secret grinding method to produce their chocolate, Chocolate Mayordomo gives you a taste of what Oaxaca is all about. We hope to pique your curiosity about Mexican chocolate and mole, and that every visit to Chocolate de Oaxaca will tempt you to start a chocolate trail of your own.

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