Elaine González, a well-known chocolate expert and author of Chocolate Artistry, leads chocolate tours into Oaxaca. Her talents have been featured in magazines and books around the country and her website can be found at: Her website contains recipes and much information about chocolate.


Marilyn Tausend, author of Williams-Sonoma's Savoring Mexico, leads some unusual and exciting tours in Mexico that explores the wonderful cuisine of this country. An expert in Mexican cooking, her website can be found at





1000 Mexican Recipes by Marge Poore

An exhaustive book full of wonderful authentic mexican recipes, this book is wonderful to look up any recipe that you have in mind. One of her recipes is also included in our packages that we send to you. So if you like that recipe, you'll certainly love what is in this book.

Latin and Carribean Grocery Stores Demystified: A Food Lover's Guide to All the Best Ingredients in the Traditional Ethnic Foods of Mexico, Peru, and Chile by Linda Bladholm

When we saw this book at the bookstore, I was amazed at what I could find on mexican fruits and vegetables! It's a great book filled with a lot of unusual fruits and veggies so common in mexico but not in the states. A great book to have!

Lonely Planet World Food Mexico

The pictures are colorful and it's a nice handy little book to carry around. Although a reader at Amazon didn't think highly of it, we think it's a nice addition to your collection.

Moon Handbooks: Oaxaca 2 Ed: Mountain Craft Regions, Archaeological Sites and Coastal Resorts by Bruce Whipperman

This detailed book provides you with the history and sites to see in the state of Oaxaca and then provides you more detailed information on the major cities of Oaxaca. Chock full of maps and great information that it is a must have for travelers to this state.

Oaxacan Ceramics by Lois Wasserspring

This book has many wonderful pictures of Oaxacan Ceramics by the award-winning Aguilar sisters, Dolores Porras and Agelica Vasquez. Oaxacan ceramics are colorful clay pottery that are handmade painted by the women of Oaxaca. This unique and creative art exemplifies the richness of Oaxacan art.


This is certainly not an exhaustive list of books and tours. We would love to get feedback from you and share with others your experiences and readings on Oaxaca and the food. Please e-mail us at [email protected]